Put Your 2011 Top 10 to Good Use

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It’s the last day of 2011, and I’ve been enjoying reading a number of Top 10 lists for the year.  I thought I’d put my own together but use it as a guide post to the intentions I have in 2012.

No matter how you look back on the previous year, I highly recommend focusing on those things that went well and using them to guide, inspire and motivate you as you reflect on your goals and wishes for the year ahead.

So, in that spirit, I’ve compiled my top 10 for 2011 (in chronological order) and related intentions for 2012:

1.  Keys to Your Future – Girl Scout Leadership Conference.  As a member of the planning team and then the MC for the event, I thoroughly enjoyed being part of a program that exposed girls to concepts about their own strengths and the strengths and talents of other women who are outstanding career and life role models.  Between the many speakers, self-care activities, practical tips and expanding relationships, the two-day event was a winner.

Intention for 2012:  Continue to play a role mentoring and inspiring girls and young women through the Girl Scout program; coordinate and conduct more retreats and conferences.

2.  Teenage Daughter Milestones.  Our daughter Natalie turned 14, went to Washington DC with her 8th grade class, got a prime scholarship to a summer vocal institute, started high school and is LOVING it, and earned her Girl Scout Silver Award, the highest honor for her level of scouting.  So proud of the bright, talented, caring young woman she is becoming.

Intention for 2012.  Keep supporting her and nurturing her independence (man, that part can be hard) as she continues to grow and flourish.

3.  Meet and Greet with Cheri Ruskus.  I was delighted to welcome my friend, colleague and mentor Cheri Ruskus, founder of the  Victory Circles, to California this summer. Since we have the only VC group in the state, I was very excited to introduce VC members and others in my network to Cheri while she was visiting from Colorado.  See blog post below for pictures and all the details!

Intention for 2012.  Continue growing the VC program locally and virtually. Write more blog posts (geez).

4.  Family Vacation!  In August, 16 of us, aged 14-83, converged in Lake Tahoe for a rare but very fun multi-family vacation.  My mother, four of her first cousins, spouses and kids, my aunt, two of my first cousins, my husband and daughter enjoyed beautiful Lake Tahoe for the better part of a week.

Intention for 2012.  Stay connected with family all over the country. Travel to beautiful places whenever possible.

5.  Instructor, Women’s Economic Ventures.  When I saw that WEV was looking for instructors, I didn’t hesitate to apply.  Already teaching business planning to women entrepreneurs in Victory Circles, I was excited to align myself with such a great organization.  After a rigorous interviewing and vetting process, I was offered the position and really enjoyed teaching the 14-week class, helping some really inspiring and inspired people get their business plans in order.

Intention for 2012:  I was asked back to teach the Spring course (yay!), so I get to continue teaching, which I love, and helping people get their businesses off the ground (also very gratifying).

6.  NYC High Line.  Every trip I take to NYC is special, because I get to spend time in my favorite city with some of my favorite people:  family and friends who are far away but close at heart.  This year, after a trip a month earlier was cancelled by a hurricane, I made it back to see my cousins and take a walk on the High Line, a beautiful urban outdoor space (hey, I did write another blog post in the past 6 months!).

Intention for 2012.  Make it back to New York at least once.  Make the time and effort to stay close with those who are important to me.

7.  Ventura AIDS Walk.  This year I was appointed to the Advisory Council of Ventura County AIDS Partnership, an organization I’ve volunteered with for the past few years.  I also participated in my first AIDS Walk, which was a very uplifting event that brought hundreds of diverse people together.  We raised nearly $20,000 – not bad for the first time VCAP ran such a large event.

Intention for 2012.  Continue to volunteer for VCAP and raise awareness to prevent HIV and AIDS.

8.  Paper Published.  The first paper from a research project I’ve been involved in for nearly 3 years was published in an academic journal.  It’s always nice to see that work come to fruition.  A number of talks and posters have already been accepted for 2012 conferences.

Intention for 2012.  Continue working with colleagues to publish and present more papers in 2012, including one I’m leading on the use of new media tools in clinical research.

9.  TEDxOjaiWomen Speaker What I Learned from Being a Girl Scout.  When Jodi Womack announced that she and Darina Stoyanova were organizing a TEDxOjaiWomen, I immediately emailed her to see if she needed any additional speakers.  As a woman who strongly encourages you to ask for what you want, Jodi responded in kind and said she could carve out 5-7 minutes.  ”I’ll take it!”  What a phenomenal opportunity and an inspiring event in the context of dozens of amazing talks and topics (also see www.TEDxWomen.org for the full program).

Intention for 2012.  One public speaking engagement per month; continue working on my public speaking skills; ask for what I want; book another TED talk!

10.  Business Growing.  2011 was the best year yet for Optimal Development Coaching – more clients,  more followers, more trainings, more consulting opportunities, more earnings.

Intention 2012.  Increase 2011 earnings by 50% (I know, it’s audacious, but I’ve got a plan, and I can make it happen).   If you’d like, you can keep track of what’s going on by visiting my web site or connecting with my on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+.

What a year!  Now it’s your turn.  What are some of your top accomplishments and how can you leverage and build on them to reach your goals in 2012?  I’d love to hear from you.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, prosperous 2012 full of joy and meaning.

All my best, Gloria