As a trained psychologist, Gloria brings in-depth assessment expertise to her coaching practice to help you understand and apply your greatest skills and assets.  Standardized assessments provide a wealth of information on personality styles, leadership skills, core strengths and areas for development in your personal and professional life. Assessment results inform your customized coaching plan and experience.

Whether you want a comprehensive evaluation, a set of assessments for your team or a one-time, individual meeting, Gloria can help you understand the following aspects of you:

Strengths, Values and Goals
Your strengths are not only what you do well, but those activities and talents that energize, excite and engage you.  Values are important beliefs, attitudes and philosophies that influence the way we life our lives. Goals that are driven by strengths and values are more meaningful, personal and ultimately attainable than those goals that may not match our value systems. Gloria can help you clarify your strengths and values and apply them to develop your aspirations and vision.


Personality Preference Assessments and Coaching
Each person has a personality style that guides their behaviors, choices and interactions with others. Understanding your own personality increases self-awareness and also leads to a greater understanding of others. Being able to understand fundamental differences among people is essential in working well with others. Gloria is  experienced in a number of personality assessments, such as the Meyers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI), and will work with you toward a richer understanding of your preferences that can improve your relationships in all areas of life.

Emotional Intelligence Assessments and Coaching
Emotional intelligence (EI) is a key characteristic of excellent leaders and a primary predictor of professional success. EI is a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way you understand and manage yourself and others. After evaluating your EI skills with assessments such as the EQ-i 2.0, you can increase EI and improve your interactions with others.

Leadership Assessment and Coaching
There are many qualities of a good leader, including effective communication and listening skills, emotional intelligence, good organization and time management skills, and setting a clear vision for success. Leadership assessments can efficiently reveal your strengths and areas of improvement as a leader. Gloria can work with you to maximize your strengths and devise an action plan to improve your leadership skills.

360-degree Assessments
Some companies are interested in evaluating employees’ impact and performance on a number of different levels – how they perform in the eyes of supervisors, peers and direct reports. 360-degree assessments provide feedback from all of these sources. Gloria provides results that are direct and discreet, pinpointing areas that need to be addressed and working with the employee to address areas of development.



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