After working in mental health for nearly 20 years, I was introduced to the field of coaching, including positive psychology and strengths-based approaches to change. These new perspectives completely changed my approach to helping others. As a clinical psychologist, I was trained to focus on symptoms, pathology and disabilities – more on what was wrong with a person instead of what was going well. As an executive coach, I help my clients focus on what energizes, engages and inspires them, helping them work in that sweet spot of their strengths, talents and passions. I love seeing the shift and growth people experience when they start paying closer attention to what they do best and love to do most.
— Gloria M Miele, Ph.D.

TEDx Talk: What I Learned Being a Girl Scout

Training Topics

All topics are available as keynotes, lunch and learns, half day workshops, single or multi-day retreat.

Leading in the Digital Age

As we become more reliant on our digital devices, our opportunities to practice face to face communication that builds emotional intelligence have become more limited. No matter if you’re a CEO, manager or customer service representative, the better you understand and manage your own emotions, the better you will be at interacting with others, the better relationships you’ll develop and the better leader you can become.

The Art of Stronger Leadership

Spend a few hours exploring your strengths and visualizing what you want in the future. Walk away with an increased understanding of your strengths, a clear vision of your goals as a leader and a unique masterpiece that represents the best in you.

5 Ways to Be a Stronger Leader

The evidence is clear – people who are able to use their strengths every day are more productive, engaged, profitable and happier than those who don’t. As a leader focusing on your strengths and the strengths of your team, the possibilities are exciting! Learn 5 ways that you can be a stronger, more confident leader.

Harmony in the Workplace

Develop positive communication strategies for your team. We live in a world where we are constantly exchanging information, so it’s more important than ever to be a great communicator. And when we’re working with others, projects are more successful when communication is clear and positive. Learn essential skills for positive communication at work and home.

Become a More Confident Speaker

Most people feel at least a little anxious when they get up to speak in front of a crowd. Whether in a meeting room with a dozen people or an auditorium with 100, an effective leader can benefit from techniques that can help you become a stronger, more dynamic and confident speaker. Design and deliver more effective, engaging presentations.

Building Relationships: Simple Tips for Successful Networking

 Networking is not a competition to see who collects the most business cards or has the longest contact list (or, in the old days, has the fullest “Rolodex.”) Effective networking is about building relationships, which in turn helps to move your career forward. Whether you have your own business, work for a large company or something in between, learn simple networking skills to practice right away.

The Art of

The most important person on your team is you! As a stronger leader, you have a lot going on. You take care of deadlines, the concerns and needs of your team, your family, the house, your community, and the list goes on and on. But there’s often one important person you miss: you! Learn why self-care is so important and what you can do to make YOU a priority.

Curriculum Development

Gloria has planned, developed and conducted trainings and “train-the-trainers” across a broad range of topics, like the ones listed above. She can assist you to identify your training needs and develop trainings for your organization. She can conduct the training herself or provide coaching in the training process. She also works with you on becoming a more dynamic and engaging speaker and developing strategies to maximize your effectiveness as a trainer.

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When the CAPE administration team was planning the staff development days for the beginning of the school year we knew that we wanted to kick start the year off on a positive note. Teachers are still feeling the effects of Dr. Miele’s strengths-based approach weeks into the school year and morale has never been higher.
— Maryellen Lang, Director of Education, Camarillo Academy of Progressive Education