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Ready to become a stronger leader?

We provide strengths-based tools and resources to bring out the best in yourself and your team and create more positive, engaging and effective organizations.
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When you know your own strengths, you’ll start focusing more on the strengths of others. It’s inevitable. It will change your perspective about how you work at your best and how to bring out the best in your team.
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Spend more time focused on your strengths, successes and wins than your problems and shortcomings. Being more focused on your strengths can help you and your organization reach your full potential to:
  • Bring out the best in yourself and your team
  • Improve communication, presentation and public speaking skills
  • Customized support services offered
  • Create a more engaged workforce
  • Find or succeed in a new position
  • Set and reach your goals
  • Achieve greater work-life balance

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Gloria Miele TedX Talk

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8 Ways to Be a Stronger Leader

Communicate Effectively

You need to be a good listener, give effective feedback and be able to address conflict head on. Another important skill related to communication is empathy.

Foster Teamwork & Collaboration

Teams come alive when each member is working to their strengths. Cooperative relationship-building is an asset in any task, and in developing a team, it is essential.

Unleash Creativity

A great leader is a visionary who thinks outside the box (or realizes there are no boxes at all). What are your creative strengths? How do you get your creative juices flowing?

Practice Self-Care

When you take time for yourself, you get to recharge. Plus you’re setting a good example for others. How often do you take care of yourself?

Use a Strengths-Based Approach

Start with your strengths – that sweet spot between what you do well and what you love to do. Understanding your strengths and the strengths of others sets the tone to bring out the best in everyone.

Develop Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Some refer to it as a “soft skill,” but EI accounts for the majority of success in top leaders, far more than IQ. Using your strengths to enhance your EQ can give you an edge as a top performer.

Embrace & Prepare for Change

As a leader, you have to be adept at managing change and communicate the need for change clearly. If you lead change using your strengths and the strengths of others involved in the change process, you can navigate change much more smoothly.

Be a Coach

Great leaders empower and motivate others, and there are few more effective ways to do so than to focus on the strengths of your employees. What are they great at? What do they love to do?