Authenticity Unabridged at TEDx Camarillo 2017

What does it mean to be authentic? Georg Winkler,  founder and organizer of TEDx Camarillo, says that the authentic version of your self is the unabridged version. Winkler, Business Coordinator of the Russell Fischer Business Collection at the City of Camarillo Public Library, said “By default, and regardless of our best intentions, we experience an abridged version of our world. My goal for TEDxCamarillo was to share the ‘Unabridged’ version.” As a TEDx talker myself, I was delighted to be one of the Emcees for this year's TEDx Camarillo: Unabridged. The venue of the Camarillo Public Library was perfect for the theme as the home to several unabridged tomes and collections that visitors can enjoy. Friends of the Camarillo Library and a host of community volunteers have made this event possible.

This year's attendees heard remarkable live speakers and TED Talk videos. Speakers ranged from psychologists to hearing impaired advocates, CEO’s, and recent college graduates. The unabridged truths from speakers Andros Sturgeon, Cindy Liu, Elizabeth Chapin, Julie Merrick, Linnae Mallette, Mike Williams, Robert Duff, Sarah Khan, and Dr. Stephen Trudeau were enlightening and inspiring.

I can't wait to share the links to their amazing talks when they are released.

Sharing the whole of yourself in front of a large live audience and a larger online audience takes a lot of courage. Speaking up about your beliefs and sharing your experiences is a wonderful way to share the love.  As we rapidly approach Valentine's Day, how can you best show your true self and share the love in your community?