Ventura County Professional Women's Network

While a surprising number of women’s networking groups have popped up over the past year and a half (more on that in another post), Ventura County Professional Women’s Network (VCPWN) has been in existence for almost 30 years. Established in 1982 by a group of women who saw the benefits of supporting eachother’s business efforts, many current members are “Navigators,” i.e., those who have been members for 15 years or more.  Clearly a groundbreaking and energetic group, its membership stands around 50, down in recent years, but growing again with new members joining on a monthly basis.  The fees are reasonable – $165 for one year or $195 for two years.  This offer stands through the end of 2010.  Corporate memberships are also available.  Cost of dinner meetings range from $28-$35, depending upon membership status and time of registration.  Programs typically include a featured speaker.

Last night’s meeting was a fun, all-networking event, one of two throughout the year.   Each attendee gave a “commercial” for her or his business.  After seeing the props, skits, songs and creativity exhibited at the last event of this kind, I stepped up my efforts and brought by Victory Circles magic wand.   “I’m no fairy godmother,” I said with a flourish of the light-up wand with spinning globe and sound, “but I give you the support, skills and strategies you need to help your business succeed.”  I guess a little magic did the trick, because I won $20 (and many inquiries about my wand and my business).

VCPWN will also host a Business Expo in October, featuring women-owned businesses in the area.

Meetings are on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 5:30-8:30 at The Wedgewood Banquet Center, 5880 Olivas Park Drive, Ventura.  Register before Monday, August 9th to make it on the hot sheet and get the early registration discount.  Find more info on VCPWN on their web site

You can also learn more about women’s networking groups in Ventura County by visiting my calendar.