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Try Walking with Colleagues to Build Relationships and Think Outside the Box

What do Steve Jobs, Aristotle, Harry Truman and Sigmund Freud have in common? They all had meetings while they walked.

This idea is getting a lot of attention as people are focused more on their physical health and may feel long work hours prevent them from getting that 30 minutes or more of doctor recommended exercise every day.

In a recent TED talk, entrepreneur Nilofer Merchant discussed her use of walk and talk meetings. "Fresh air brings fresh thinking," she said, and points out the health problem with the way we work these days: "Sitting has become the smoking of our generation." And if you need more evidence that sitting is evil, check out this infographic.

Ouch! That makes me want to stand up and take a walk!  You can watch her full TED talk (less than 4 minutes) below.

Of course another benefit of walking is that it raises your heart rate, so more oxygen reaches your brain. This can lead to having more energy, more focus and improved engagement in the task at hand.

You can also take a walk to grow your business. Nancy Chaconas, Legal Shield Associate and outdoor enthusiast, spearheaded a networking group at our local Chamber of Commerce: Netwalking. Professionals meet at a local park once a month (3rd Friday), take a walk and learn more about each other's businesses.

Meeting in a more casual environment allows you to get to know people in a more relaxed setting and often at a deeper level than takes place at your standard mixer.


Interested in other ways you can improve your thinking? Listen to a recent radio show I did with Victory Circle's founder Cheri Ruskus on the master mind principle of Accurate Thinking. We talk about the impact that movement and environment can have on your thinking.

Have you ever had a walking meeting? Do you find physical exercise affects the way you think? Share your experiences below.

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