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I was recently invited to write an article for this cool site,, an online publisher with its finger on the pulse of local community events for families.  I love this site, which was started by a woman who saw a need.  A new mom who wanted to know what was going on in her community, Rachael Ross Steidl first launched, then went national with two years later.  I love a good mompreneur success story, don’t you?

One of the editors asked me to write an article about guidelines for using social media in business and with kids.  Well, I tried and tried to make a reasonable, clever and seamless connection between the two, but after a few attempts (and far too many words for one article), I suggested I write two separate posts instead.

Here are links to the articles:

1.  Social Media:  More Than Fun and Games provides a look at how building relationships on social media channels is key to engage with your audience and promote your business. These are some basic tips aimed mainly at social media newbies, but always good reminders for the regular user.

2.  Social Media for Kids discusses general internet safety, as well as specific ideas about keeping your child safe on social media.including some situations I’ve encountered with my own daughter and her friends who is the first generation of kids to adopt social media as a regular part of their social scene..

One area I did not touch on in this article was the issue of cyberbullying, which is a serious problem deserving more than a point in a blog post.  I do emphasize in the article how essential it is to monitor your kid’s social media activity, which would make it possible to detect and hopefully intervene if cyberbullying occurs.

Monitoring and education are so important to keep everyone safe and enjoying the fun of social media.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about either article.  You can register at parentclick and comment there, or comment below.  Enjoy!

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