Last week, I attended the 2013 Camarillo Chamber Top 10 Community Awards, where I had the distinct honor of being named, "Woman of the Year."  I so appreciate the wonderful recognition of my work in the community.  The gala on March 22nd at Spanish Hills Country Club in Camarillo was a night to remember, with family and friends and nine other honorees being recognized.  I had a very special evening and am deeply grateful. Below is a video that includes my acceptance speech (written transcript below), preceded by a touching tribute to the late Michael Lavenant, a partner at Landegger, Baron, Lavenant & Ingber, the law firm that sponsored the Woman of the Year award.  Michael suddenly and tragically passed away in December 2012 at the age of 42 and would have presented the award that night.  He was an amazing humanitarian, dedicated to his family and community, and the recipient of Volunteer of the Year in 2009. He is greatly missed.  Associate Chris Moriarty, Esq., graciously presented the award.


"Thank you. What an honor, I want to congratulate all of the other award winners tonight. And thanks to the Chamber for throwing us an awesome party. I also want to thank the Top 10 committee and my colleagues who nominated me for this honor.

I really want to accept this award for the literally hundreds of other women, many of whom are in this room, in this town, who could easily be Woman of the Year. Women who run businesses, women who run households, women who run their kids all over town.  Women who volunteer in the schools, who lead Girl Scout troops, who serve on the boards and committees of the amazing service organizations that we have here. I've never been in a community where there's been such a spirit of service, and I share this with all of you ladies, for all you do in our community and for your families.

I also want to recognize my daughter, Natalie, who couldn't be here tonight because she's off living her dream with her high school choir in Chicago. My husband and I dropped her off at 3 o clock this morning for the bus, and honey, I think we look pretty good considering how sleep deprived we are.

And I do want to recognize my husband, Dave Epelone, the man with the camera.  To find a partner who can support an over-committed, over-achieving person like myself has been a real blessing in my life. So thank you honey, It's been nearly 25 years that you've been supporting me, through graduate school and everything else, and I couldn't do what I do without you.

I also want to recognize my parents: my father, Dr. Patrick Miele, who some of you might know. He was a really inspiring man and a business leader in town. And my mother, the original Gloria Miele. Mom, you've set a life long example of love, faith, family, education and community that has made me woman I am today, so thank you." -Gloria Miele, Ph.D., March 22, 2013, Camarillo, CA.


Gloria M. Miele, Ph.D. is a business development and leadership coach and Victory Circles gloria-miele-head-shotfacilitator in Southern California.  She helps entrepreneurs and other business leaders develop the mind set and the skill set to achieve greater business success through coaching programs, workshops, staff training, executive coaching and keynote speaking.  Visit her website at to sign up to receive helpful business development resources, including a free Strengths-Based Goal-Setting Tool.  You can also connect with us at