5 Timeless Blog Topics

Over the past few months, I've had blogging on my mind. It’s no secret that blogging is a great way to show your expertise, drive traffic to your website and create a community or tribe of people with similar interests. Pad of Paper & Pen

But I still can’t seem to break through that two post a month pattern.

In October, I participated in a 30-day blogging challenge with the fabulous copy writer, editor and writing mentor, Dawn Mena of Captivating Copy. I was simultaneously working on a very time consuming project, so I knew I wouldn’t be able to meet the ambitious goal of daily blogging. However, I wanted to get Dawn’s expertise delivered to my inbox daily.

Guess what? I still did 2 posts in October. Old habits die hard. But I did learn a lot.

One tip was to host guest bloggers on your blog to supplement your expertise and expand your audience.

Great idea! So of course I asked Dawn to write a guest post for my blog (might as well go to the expert, I say).

Below is her guest post with 5 inspiring tips to get your blogging juices flowing (I’m working on #4 now, so watch for my next blog post on telehealth!).

Dawn Mena small headshot 2

Thanks again, Dawn, for the excellent blogging challenge and sharing your expertise here. Find out more about her below, and visit her web site for a helpful giveaway too.

5 timeless blog topics that will never let you down

Ever sit down in front of your computer to write a blog post or Facebook update and totally blank out? “What the heck am I going to write about today?” goes through your head, making it even harder to concentrate and you end up playing solitaire and wasting that valuable half hour you’d set aside for writing. I’m going to help make sure this never happens again by providing a list here of 5 easy writing prompts that will help you never have that blanked out feeling again. I suggest you print this out and keep it nearby on your desk or close to the computer where you do your writing. I promise, it’ll soon be one of your most valued resources for keeping you calm and confident as you share your expertise on your blog.

1. Lists: Everyone loves a list. Take your knowledge and experience and turn it into value or even entertainment for your readers by giving them a list. Ideas: If you are a florist, list your top picks for a seasonal bouquet. Beauty product representative? Give your audience a list of morning or evening activities and/or products they can use to kick up their beauty routine. Make it simple and make it valuable.

2. How-to’s, tips & tricks: I’m not telling you to give away the store here, but I know that you all have a massive amount of information for how-tos at your fingertips. Share instructions for projects, activities, etc. that your audience can use and that will build their trust in you as 1) a person who really knows what they are talking about and 2) someone they know will provide them with value and knowledge. Ideas: If you are an event planner, give instructions for making homemade invitations. Cupcake maker? Share how to pipe that cool frosting swirl on top.

3. Reviews: Read a good book that relates to your business? Recently attended a fantastic event featuring a great speaker? Tell people about it. Describe the event, the audience, the setting and the value you gained from it. Share some of the speaker tips with others. Recommend future attendance if you really liked it. And be sure to mention organizers, locations and featured speakers or guests, especially if you are connected to them through social media. They will appreciate it, and you will raise your visibility.

4. Current Projects: if it’s not top secret, share what you are working on. Maybe you are developing a new product – share highlights and even ask questions of your audience. Asked to speak at an event in the future, let people know what you are doing and what you’ll be talking about. Are you an artist? Share the steps of your creation – you can get a multitude of posts that way.

5. Answers: If you are still stumped, take 10 minutes to surf around and read what others are talking about within your field of expertise. There are bound to be some questions others are asking or talking about. Write a blog article that posts one of these questions and then provide your answer. Illuminate your brilliance and help others to find resolution to their problems, all in one. _________________________________________________ Strategic content expert Dawn Mena helps entrepreneurs and business owners make memorable impressions with captivating writing that helps them achieve their business and life goals. She specializes in crafting custom copy and mentoring frustrated writers, focusing on bios, blogs, websites and social media. Learn more about Dawn, and get your free copy of “Six Secrets for a Captivating Bio” at www.getcaptivatingcopy.com.


Which of these 5 tips will you use to start your next blog post? Any questions for Dawn? Join the conversation by leaving a comment or question below.